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Images Pricing Part Number Availability Manufacturer Description Package Packaging RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRG4PC40S 0 International Rectifier 600V 60A 6V @ 250uA 1.5V @ 15V,31A IGBTs TO-247(AC) Tube-packed RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRG4PC30KPBF 0 International Rectifier 600V 28A 2.7V @ 15V, 16A IGBTs TO-247(AC) Tube-packed RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRFU9120NPBF 0 International Rectifier MOSFET TO-251(I-PAK) Tube-packed RoHS
no-image Datasheet
irf1404spbf 0 International Rectifier N-Channel 4V@250uA 4mΩ@95A,10V MOSFET TO-263-2 Tube-packed RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRFI4019HG-117P 0 International Rectifier 2 N Channel(Dual) 150V 8.7A 4.9V @ 50uA 95 mΩ @ 5.2A,10V MOSFET TO-220F-5L(Forming) Tube-packed RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRF7832UTRPBF 0 International Rectifier N Trench 30V 20A 2.32V @ 250uA 4 mΩ @ 20A,10V MOSFET SOIC-8_150mil Tape & Reel (TR) RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRGP30B120KD 0 International Rectifier 1200V 60A 4V @ 15V, 60A IGBTs TO-247(AC) Tube-packed RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRG4PC50KD 0 International Rectifier 600V 52A 6V @ 250uA 2.2V @ 15V,30A IGBTs TO-247(AC) Tube-packed RoHS
no-image Datasheet
IRLR3715ZTRPBF 0 International Rectifier N-Channel 2.55V@250uA 11mΩ@15A,10V MOSFET TO-252-2(DPAK) RoHS
IRF7450 0 International Rectifier MOSFET SOIC-8_150mil - RoHS

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